SEO Tip Video: How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency in 2022 (Step by Step)

This video is by Santrel Media. We’ve embedded it for our readers because of the valuable digital marketing information shared in the video. You can watch more SEO and marketing tip videos by Santrel Media here.

What this video covers

Santrel Media states that this video covers nate o’brien,mike o’brien,santrel media. However the primary focus of this video is the topic of digital marketing.

Why we shared this video

Everybody knows that people would rather watch a video than read a big, long blog post. 60% of business owners say they would rather watch a video than read text for SEO and marketing tips or advice. With the endless amount of SEO and marketing explainer content on YouTube, we decided why not hand-pick our favorites and share them with our readers?

In the end, our readers benefit from valuable SEO and marketing knowledge, and the video creator benefits from new viewers and potential subscribers. So here we are sharing this awesome SEO and marketing video by Santrel Media.

Video Description

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In this video I will teach you how to start and scale a digital marketing agency in 2022.

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0:00 – Start here
4:00 – Goals and Expectations
7:55 – How To Create Your LLC
10:45 – Best Types of Marketing
18:16 – How To Become an Expert
24:19 – Identifying Customers
30:23 – Building Your Team
34:11 – Getting Your First Client
37:19 – How Much Should You Charge?

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