Graphic Design

JustAnotherGamer – Free Twitch & YouTube Banner Template

JustAnotherGamer Banner is a editable Photoshop template for YouTube and Twitch. This is great for starting YouTubers or Twitch streamers seeking custom channel art or branding. JustAnotherGamer is clean, flat, light, minimal, and rounded. The goal of this template is to create the most generic template possible, making it usable for any gaming content creator; however I’d imagine this design would work best for a gamer who streams or uploads games across multiple platforms. A game critic or gaming news channel would be other good uses for this template. The assets used include the “next gen console icon pack” I had released earlier this week. In the background you’ll find 3 game characters/mascots (Kratos from God of War, Samus from Metroid, and Master Chief from Halo) of the big 3 game publishers and console makers (Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s Playstation, and Nintendo). Provided in the .zip download is 2 photoshop (PSD) files, one for YouTube banner dimensions and one for Twitch banner dimensions. Both photoshop files are editable and can be modified for your channel by editing the social links textbox and title textbox.

Attribution is required to use this template!
Make sure to leave the “Banner Designed by” layer visible in the banner design. I also ask that you leave an additional attribution in your channel’s about/bio section stating “Banner designed by”.