How to Get Ranked on Google Page 1

Did you know 93% of online traffic starts with online searches? This is why ranking as high as you possibly can in search results greatly affects the amount of traffic your website receives. In this article we’ll look at how to get ranked on google page 1.

Find Out Your Ranking

Ahrefs keyword rank checker
Ahrefs keyword rank checker can give you an idea of your position and how to get ranked on google page 1.

Every SEO beginner and expert must understand how well their website ranks for their focus keywords. They must also keep track of their competitors’ standings. This may be done manually by entering their keyword into search engines. However, this takes time and may be wrong. Fortunately, there are several tools that accomplish this automatically.

We recommend a free tool by Ahrefs that lets you see what your average rank is for any keyword in 243 countries. The Ahrefs keyword rank checker lets you insert your focus keyword, your domain, and your target country to see where you rank for that search term. If you’re interested in using this tool, click here.

You can also search for keyword rank trackers that allow you to create a complete list of keywords you want to track for your domain. This way, you can easily keep tabs on where you’re ranking on Google without the need to manually check your rank each time. A few popular ones are Ahrefs, Semrush, and Ubersuggest.

But note that keyword list tracking is often a paid service. If you’d prefer to go the free route, you can continue manually using the Ahrefs keyword tracker that we’ve linked in the description.

Keyword Research

Ubersuggest can answer the question of how to get ranked on google page 1 by providing you low competition keywords that you can easily rank for.

Keyword research assists you in determining which keywords to target and gives vital insight into the search terms that your target audience is using on Google.

The first step is to create a list of key, relevant topics based on what you know about your company. You’ll make a list of up to 10 topics that you believe are relevant to your business, and then utilize those topics to assist you in coming up with keywords. For example, if we were in the digital marketing industry, we would make a list of essential digital marketing topics. “SEO, backlinks, and rank higher,” for example, may be on our list.

Once we’ve created our list, we can begin researching keywords we’re able to rank for that are relevant to our topics. We’re going to look for low-competition, long-tail keywords that have a decent amount of volume.

We can do this by using an SEO research tool. In this example, we’re using Uber-suggest. Let’s put in one of our topics, click search, and let’s select the Questions filter. Let’s select a few toggles, and let’s find what we can possibly rank for. This one is a good low-competition keyword that gets a decent amount of volume. We can create a piece of content where we use this focus keyword throughout the page.

Create Content That Is SEO Optimized

When you have a focus keyword that you want to rank for, you can find ways to fit your focus keyword throughout your web pages. Here are a few places you can fit your focus keywords.

  • The Alt attribute for images
  • Meta title and description
  • The first paragraph of the page
  • Headings and section titles
  • and spread evenly in paragraphs throughout your page.

You must include keywords for SEO since they are essential for search engine optimization and ranking your content in search engine results. By including your focus keyword throughout the content, you increase the relevancy of your page in the eyes of Google. The more optimized your post, the higher you will rank in comparison to your competition.

Use SEO Content Writing Tools and Assistants

yoast seo logo
Yoast SEO is a tool for optimizing pages on WordPress and Shopify

You can use SEO tools to assist you in writing content that is better optimized. If you’re using WordPress, one great tool is Yoast SEO. It is a WordPress plugin that improves your site’s performance in search engines such as Google. It also provides you with all the tools you need to improve your content’s SEO and overall readability.

Tools like Yoast provide a plethora of features to help you improve your SEO. Some of these features have an impact on your overall site as well as individual pages. Yoast SEO allows you to choose keywords to focus on in your content. Yoast SEO supports you in determining the best methods to ensure that your content is well optimized.

You must optimize your articles and pages if you want them to appear in search results. So, when it comes to creating content for your website, you’ll discover that an SEO writing tool will greatly assist you in the creation and optimization of your content.

Create Links to Your Content and Pages

Backlinks are links that go from one website to a page on another website. Backlinks are regarded as “votes” for a given website by Google. Pages having a high number of backlinks typically rank well in search engine results. This is because backlinks tell search engines that a specific page has some level of importance or value, hence why people are linking to it.

We’ve already created an in-depth article about the importance of backlinks and how to build them. To check out that article, click here.

Improve Your Domain Authority

image example of domain authority

“Domain Authority” is a Moz-developed search engine ranking score that determines how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages. By increasing your domain authority, you will be able to predict your chances of ranking for a certain term. On the first page, you can use tools to examine the domain authority of your competitors. If your competitors have the same or lower domain authority than you, you’ll know you have a good probability of ranking on the first page of Google. One of the most significant techniques to boost your domain authority is to have a high-authority website link to your website.

One way to start link building is by posting quality content on Medium, Quora, and Reddit. This is because these websites have high authority and allow public postings. In your posts you should find ways to naturally fit your backlink. Additionally, you can reach out to bloggers and publishers with a well-written email asking if they’d like to link out to your relevant content.

Use the Google Search Console

Google search console logo

The Google Search Console tools and reports assist you in measuring your site’s search traffic, performance, and issues that need resolving, and helping make your site shine in Google Search results. The Google Search Console will notify you of any issues with your webpages. It will also help you understand what is keeping you from ranking higher on Google. This is because Google aims to provide users with relevant, well-optimized content while simultaneously caring about the user experience. This is why websites with no technical issues, good performance, and good speed frequently rank higher in search results.

Fixing technical difficulties on your website will boost your ranking in search results significantly. You may also submit your website for indexing using Google Search Console. If you’re unfamiliar with indexing, it’s the process through which Google scans your website and adds your web pages to search results. If your website is still not indexed, it will not appear in any search results. You may use Google Search Console to submit newly created web pages to get them indexed much faster.

Conclusion and Summary of How to Get Ranked on Google Page 1

To conclude, if you want to rank number one on Google, you’ll first need to determine where you currently stand in the Google rankings, and there are various tools available to help you do so. Ahrefs keyword tracker is one of them, and we’ve linked to it in the description. You’ll need to do keyword research to locate search keywords with minimal competition that you can rank for. Creating well-optimized content that includes your target keywords is an important approach to ranking higher on Google. You’ll need to boost your domain authority and build your backlink profile. Finally, you should utilize the Google Search Console to resolve issues that you may be unaware of that are causing you to fall in search results. Following these solutions should answer the question of how to get ranked on google page 1.

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