How to Build Backlinks to Rank Higher?

One of the most crucial social engine marketing tactics used by marketers worldwide is link building. Link building is widely misunderstood and can seem overwhelming to someone who is not in the digital marketing space. We will cover what backlinks are, why they’re important to search engines, and how to build backlinks correctly. When link building is done correctly, it has the capability to increase website traffic, raise search engine ranks, and offer a variety of other significant search engine marketing advantages.

Backlinks are outbound links from a webpage to a page on another website. Backlinks are viewed by Google and other top search engines as “votes”. A large number of backlinks directing to a webpage indicates to Google that page is important, thus that page will frequently score well in search results.

Backlinks essentially serve as website votes. Each of these votes informs search engines that your webpage is useful, which is most likely the reason external websites are linking to you.

As explained earlier, backlinks are viewed as votes of confidence. Because of that your web pages are more likely to rank for relevant search terms the more backlinks they receive. It is widely understood by search engine marketers that websites with more backlinks typically receive more organic traffic and rank higher in search results.

How important are backlinks?

Here’s what will happen if they don’t:

  • Your domain authority will suffer
  • Your traffic will decrease
  • Organic traffic will be challenging to obtain.
  • It will be tough to rank on search engines.
  • Your overall internet performance will suffer as a result.

Backlinks are beneficial for obvious reasons. They are essential for domain authority, and having a greater domain authority improves your search engine ranks.

Quality Backlinks Matter

You might think you have the answer to how to build backlinks “I’ll just spam my website all over the internet”. Sure you could paste your website’s link all over the internet but quality matters just as much as quantity when it comes to backlinks.

The reason Google is the top search engine is because their crawlers are intelligent. The reason we all use Google as our primary search engine is because how accurate the results are that Google’s search results give us. We rarely ever have to browse past the first page and that’s because Google’s crawlers analyze if a backlink comes from an authoritative source, is relevant, is unique, and is natural.

One of the more difficult aspects of SEO is definitely obtaining high-quality backlinks. You should seek out links that:

  • Authoritative – The website receives a lot of traffic, has a strong backlink profile and even performs highly in the search engine results. Additionally, authoritative websites and websites with the .gov and .edu extensions tend to be more respected.

  • Relevant: The referring website addresses a related subject or industry. e.g., If a blog entry on “pancake recipe” links to the homepage of your web design company, this is not considered to be a relevant or high-quality backlink.

  • Unique – The content surrounding the link to your page is unique. For example, a newly-written article talking about your industry and linking to your website at some point in the article.

  • Natural – A natural number of links point to the referring page, the link is not sponsored, and the page’s content doesn’t seem spammy.

How to build backlinks?

You can seek out a high-quality backlink building service

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Bitoony SEO logo and banner.

Bitoony SEO is a creative agency that specialises in search engine marketing. We provide a number of value-packed high-quality backlink packages. Our aims are to increase your backlink profile and domain authority, which will eventually lead to greater search engine rankings for your webpages. We also discuss some backlink providing services here.


Banner for Medium
Medium banner and logo

The first step in link building on Medium is to register a personal account.

Sign up for free at with your email address, social networking account, or Google account. You will be able to build Medium backlinks for SEO after joining up.

The first place to put hyperlinks in Medium is in your profile bio. Your bio, which shows on your profile and next to your tales, can be up to 160 characters long.

You may create new articles on Medium or copy and paste current ones from your blog. Look for natural methods to incorporate external links that go back to your website within your content.

Share your articles on social media

When you share your websites or articles on social media, you create outbound links that point back to your own website. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube all have strong domain authority and allow you to post publicly on their websites.

Answer or ask questions on Quora and Reddit

Reddit vs Quora banner
Reddit and Quora logos

Quora is a website where users can ask questions and get answers. Every piece of content on the site is posted by users. On Quora, anybody can answer or pose a question. You may use Quora to naturally include a link to your website into a question or response. Natural is the key word here. Reddit is another discussion platform that may be used for link building. On Reddit, you may take the similar method to naturally inserting your links into postings. Make sure you do this in the appropriate categories, topics, and subreddits.

Understanding Domain Authority

The logo of Moz
Moz logo

Moz’s Domain Authority is an accurate search engine ranking score that determines how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages. Get a full understanding of domain authority from Moz here.

When Google first debuted in 1998, it employed a ground-breaking algorithm that ranked websites according to the popularity of their links, meaning that a page will be ranked higher if there are more links pointing to it.

In addition to counting the quantity of backlinks a website receives, Google also evaluates the quality of those links.

This implies that not every backlink is created equal. Consider the following scenario where one of your website’s pages gets a backlink from two external web pages:

The first external website that links to you has 1,000 backlinks whereas another website only has 30.

If these two pages linked to you, Google would consider the one with 1,000 backlinks to be more authoritative. A backlink from the first website is more likely to boost your Google ranking than a link from the second.

Links from authoritative websites have greater domain authority than links from tiny local companies, which makes sense. A link from a Forbes page, for example, is useful since Forbes is an authority website. Websites that are less well-known have less authority.

How building backlinks increases your domain authority

Having backlinks builds your own authority. It is known that domain authority helps you rank higher on Google even if you’ve created a new page or blog posts. That new page would have an easier time ranking higher than if you created a new page on a fresh low authority domain. This is how big brands can dominate the market for certain sets of search terms. The power of their domain, and smart internal linking practices, can mean that even brand new blog posts by them can rank well.

Domain authority is proven to help you rank higher on Google even if you’ve established a fresh page or blog entries. That new page would rank higher more easily than if you launched a new page on a new low authority site. This is how large corporations may control the market for certain sets of search phrases. Because of the power of their site and effective internal linking tactics, even brand-new blog entries by them may rank well.


Backlink building is an essential part of SEO because search engines use them to help determine the authority and relevance of a page. Search engines decide how important a page is by the use of backlinks. However, not all backlinks are of equal value. Search engines evaluate backlinks based on the quality of the website giving the links rather than the number of backlinks your website has.

By building your backlink profile, your website will begin to rank higher because Google and other search engine crawlers will recognize your website’s level of authority on the internet. More backlinks linking to your website indicates your website has some level of importance.

There are numerous approaches for answering how to build backlinks. Backlinks can be built by seeking an agency or on your own. There are many ways you can build back links on your own; a few ways discussed in this article are by going to directories, social websites, and boards that allow public posting. These websites have high domain authority and are a good starting point for building backlinks that direct to your website or web pages.

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[…] Backlinks are pointing links from one website to another. Since they represent a “vote of trust” from one site to another, backlinks are extremely important for SEO. In essence, backlinks to your website tell search engines that other websites find your material to be valuable. More backlinks boost your domain authority, and the page to which people are building backlinks will rank higher in Google because Google and other search engines will detect the hyperlinks, signaling to them that your webpage is useful. We’ve discussed how to build backlinks here. […]