6 Easy and Free SEO Hacks to Use in 2022

Who said search engine optimization needs to cost money? This article will go through easy and free SEO hacks to use in 2022 that’ll improve your site’s optimization.

Add the Current Year to Your Title Tag

By including the current year in your title tag, you let Google know that your content is up-to-date. Due to people’s need for up-to-date content, this small edit boosts the number of clicks on your search results. This is a straight forward and free SEO hack. Users are more likely to click on your website if you include the date in your title tag while your competitors don’t. Did you know that your website is more likely to rank higher the more people click on it in search results? Adding the year to your SEO title, as we previously said, is a terrific strategy to improve clicks. It makes it easier for people to recognize that your material is new and relevant, which Google and other search engines also value.

Focus on a Specific Niche

As you can see when you browse our site’s content, our focus is always on internet and search engine marketing. Search engines seek to provide users to the most reliable and accurate results. Thus, your website’s content should demonstrate your expertise if you have a particular area of interest. Do you want to show the world your graphic design knowledge? The emphasis of your website should then be graphic design. Don’t include pie recipes with articles about the best corporate logos. Being niche focused can help you rank for the right search phrases and the right audience since Google’s crawlers will identify your importance in that field.

Reduce Your Websites Load Time

Google’s market study indicates that if a site takes longer than three seconds to load, 50% of mobile viewers quit. Do not tempt new visitors to hit the return button since their time is valuable. The Google algorithm places a priority on users. If visitors to your website are leaving it at a rapid rate, this indicates to Google that either your site is not relevant or that there is a problem driving them away. A high bounce rate might drop your website in the search engine rankings. Because one of the deciding criteria for Google’s algorithm is page load speed. Google will rank fast sites higher than slow-loading ones since they offer better user experiences for users.

Free Cloudflare Features for Speed

The logo of cloudflare

Cloudflare is a reverse proxy service that takes up 79% of its market share. 19% of all websites on the internet use Cloudflare. The reason I bring this up is because Cloudflare attracts a lot of small website owners because it’s a free service. If you are using Cloudflare, they offer various speed optimization features. These speed optimization features are listed below:

Rocket Loader

By delaying the download of render-blocking JavaScript, Rocket Loader gives text, pictures, and font loading priority on your webpages.

TCP Turbo

chooses the custom-tuned TCP parameters to speed up connections and decrease latency.


cleans out HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files of unnecessary characters.


Your cached HTTP/S pages get smaller thanks to the lossless compression technology.

What makes this a easy and free SEO hack is that these features can all be turned on through toggles in your Cloudflare panel. No in-depth site modifications have to be done by you. You can read more about Cloudflare speed optimization features here.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO logo

A strong WordPress plugin like this one will assist you in better optimizing your website and content to concentrate on your targeted keywords. The Yoast SEO plugin is a free SEO hack because it makes it simple to optimize your WordPress website and find issues. We utilize Yoast SEO in almost all our content. It may be why you happened to find this article on Google.

You may enhance your content in SEO and readability with Yoast SEO. You may label pages, define URLs, modify meta descriptions and titles, and change other backend settings on your site using Yoast. This plugin will evaluate the length of sentences and paragraphs as well as other factors to offer each post a readability score. Additionally, Yoast provides great capabilities that may help you make your content more shareable on social media. You can get a better understanding of Yoast SEO and what it does here.

Google Trends

Google trends logo. A SEO hack to see what's trending online.

You may use Google Trends to keep tabs on the subjects and trends that have been popular over time in your sector. By using this tool, you may determine what’s hot right now and utilise that knowledge to create new content that users would like.

Google Trends provides a clear view of how certain trends shift over time and how people’s search behaviors change around it. Start by entering a term to utilize Google Trends. You can see how that subject has changed over time, which locations have the highest interest, and additional terms people are looking up that are associated with that query. To compare trends over time, this tool performs best when used in conjunction with other keywords. Start doing your own Google Trends research here.

Google Search Console

screen shot of google search console, a free seo hack to index your pages

You can learn more about Google’s indexing and crawling processes by using Google Search Console. Create an account on Google Search Console and add your website as a property in order to use it. You must first authenticate your ownership of the domain after adding it in order to use all of its capabilities.

One of Google Search Console’s many advantages is its capacity to assist you in identifying technical issues with your website. You may use it to learn which terms or pieces of content are bringing up your website’s rankings. For newly produced webpages or articles, you may also quicken the indexing procedure. Google Search Console can be seen as a free seo hack to help you index your pages faster. You may submit the URL to your newly constructed webpage or article so that Google can crawl and index it as quickly as possible rather than waiting for it to take weeks or months to do so. Get started with Google’s search console here.

Conclusion to Free SEO Hacks

Improving the search engine optimization of your website doesn’t always require money. Simple modifications like adding the current year to old or new page titles can make a huge difference in click through rates and rankings. It tells users and crawlers that your content is relevant and up-to-date.

Something else you should focus on is choosing a niche and sticking with it. You’ll have an easier time ranking your content if you focus on becoming an authoritative voice in your space, whether that be weight training, pancake recipes, or anything in between.

The speed of your website can play a big factor in your bounce rate and rankings. If you already have your website connected to Cloudflare, they offer several speed-boosting features that can be toggled on in your Cloudflare panel.

Lastly, not all SEO tools are expensive. Actually, a ton of them cost $0. A few useful ones discussed in this article are Yoast SEO, Google Trends, and Google Search Console. For example, Yoast SEO is incredibly useful for getting assistance in writing keyword-focused articles that appear organic. Google Trends can help you find content to create that follows the latest trends, and Google Search Console can assist you in figuring out what is and isn’t working for organic search traffic as well as help you index your pages at a faster rate.

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