How to Build Links Fast Without Penalties

There are a number of good reasons to hire an SEO company to help you build links to your website. It aids in the development of your site’s reputation and the expansion of your network, ensuring visibility. Strong link building is important because it keeps your site from getting penalties, which are a big problem for any site that wants to have a good reputation and rank high in search results for traffic.

What’s considered a penalty

It is obviously critical that any site owner understand what constitutes a penalty so that they can better monitor their domains, particularly because Google’s algorithms have been built to detect any suspicious behavior with the sites that appear on their results pages.

Google is known to penalize sites that have purposefully or unwittingly committed punishing actions by keeping them off the key results pages, or worse, blacklisting them entirely from the results pages.

Here are some things your site should avoid in order to be alert and avoid penalties.

Poor Quality Links

If your site has links from questionable sources, it may be one step closer to being punished.

Instead of developing a reputable reputation by employing connections from authoritative sites, these poor links will offer your domain a similarly questionable reputation – hardly the finest traffic-gaining approach, not to mention a significant signal on Google’s side to keep your page out of the results.

Non-Relevant Links

We’ve all gone to news websites hoping to read about climate change or what Trump is doing to, only to be sidetracked by 10 adverts ranging from how to remove a bald spot to how to lose 20 kg in two weeks that dangle above the story.

We then conclude that the site is bothersome and go on to get our daily news fix elsewhere.

This is precisely how irrelevant links may drive consumers away from business websites, something Google does not want in their search results. Google might detect these improperly placed connections and penalize your site.

Over-Doing SEO Type of Link

When users search for anything, search engines include your site in their results. Some websites, on the other hand, overuse keywords, resulting in a “spammy” page.

These sites use repeated and unrelated keywords to show up higher in search results, even for searches that have nothing to do with their site, which both visitors and Google find annoying.

Links With Spam

Another penalty-inducing conduct is constantly providing links to your site in comments and forums. Links that have no contextual relevance to the topic on which they are commenting or publishing.

Even if it has nothing to do with what the link is commenting or posting on, if you consistently post on the same pages, you may look spammy, thus, the sites on which you publish your site’s links should be varied.


Google also penalizes websites that “scheme” together and continually link to one another for the sole goal of increasing traffic. These might be two or more sites taking turns working together.

This makes websites look fraudulent and will put you to Google’s blacklist.

Google’s guidelines for what is and isn’t suspicious link-building derive from a desire to limit the chance of webmasters manipulating search results in any manner, ensuring that all searchers get authentic results.


As long as you have a solid SEO service firm that employs honest and suitable link building services, your site should be relatively secure, which is why it’s critical to choose a reputable company and understand the do’s and don’ts for yourself.

Information source: Donald Smithon (Digital Marketing Writer) Image source: Featured article image from Freepik