Waleed Beituni

Bitoony SEO is owned and operated by Waleed Beituni. His last name serves as the foundation for Bitoony SEO’s branding and identity. Waleed Beituni is a Middle Eastern Canadian who was raised in Toronto, Ontario. For his post-secondary studies, he earned degrees in graphic design from Seneca College and the University of Hertfordshire. Since 2015, he has built many successful online businesses by combining his graphic design knowledge with his self-taught webmaster talents. Thanks to his DIY mindset and seven years of experience as an online business owner, he’s developed various skills, the most valuable of which are internet and search engine marketing. Knowing what worked for him, he began Bitoony SEO to share his expertise with other online business owners.

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From Canada, to the US, to Brazil, to the UK, to Singapore. With so many positive client testimonials, we’re happy to say we’ve helped 1,000 business owners work towards their internet and search engine marketing goals.