Showcase (No Download) – My First Business – A Promotion Platform for Small YouTubers

Sharree is a platform I had created in 2015 at the end of my graphic design studies. MyBB (a forum software) has the base you’d need to create a social platform despite being a forum software. Combining MyBB, XThreads plugin, and my own modifications I had created a video sharing platform. The target audience of the site are small YouTubers looking to share their videos and get feedback. The idea of the site is to create a supportive community that would watch each other’s videos and give each other feedback thus helping each other reach the common goal of succeeding on YouTube. When a user registers he’s required to comment on 3 videos before being able to share their own. This results in a loop where you’re giving feedback on other YouTuber’s videos and receiving feedback on your own. For monetization Adsense was implemented as well as premium upgradable options that’ll let user’s further promote their videos to the community. One option is purchasing a Channel Pin, that’ll stick a card at the top of the homepage featuring the user’s avatar, about them, and a link to their channel. The other option is purchasing a Video Pin, that’ll place the user’s video higher on the homepage’s video listings which would result in more impressions and clicks on the user’s video.

I was working at Wal-Mart at the time of launching Sharree and using my paychecks to hire influencers, purchase promotions, and to run ads on Adwords. It would have been bad losing a chunk of money while working a minimum wage job but luckily the site succeeded. After hiring the first influencer Ziovo (video found here) there was a large influx of new visitors and registrations, so much so that the cheap GoDaddy base hosting plan I was on crashed. Several years later, the site is healthy, active, and has over 300,000 registered user’s sharing their videos on the platform.

I’ve pretty much taken a back seat on this project and I do maintenance work whenever issues arise. The site remains live and it mostly runs itself with auto-moderation and payment processing. I am happy with the platform I had created and the coding skills as well as business skills I had picked up along the way. I feel Sharree is a great live preview that showcases what I’m capable of as a developer and designer. I do feel however that my skills as a developer and designer have improved greatly since the launch of Sharree in 2015 and I look forward to showcasing that on my portfolio site (

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