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Roundo Darko – A Free Dark Modern Theme for MyBB

Roundo Darko is an alternate theme based on the default Roundo Theme. This theme maintains Roundo’s modern forum design but uses a darker color palette. This is great for forum owners or users who prefer darker interfaces as they can be easier on the eyes. Just like the original Roundo theme, Roundo Darko is completely free to use (with attribution).

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2 replies on “Roundo Darko – A Free Dark Modern Theme for MyBB”

Hello there,

Awesome theme buddy. Just a question, how to move left panel to the right and show forum index on home page instead of latest posts ? Am a MyBB n00b so no clue…

thanks 😉

Hey Steve. What you’re asking for would require a recoding of Roundo’s index and forumbit templates. Unfortunately this isn’t something I can offer support for. I did offer a solution to someone on MyBB community forums.

“The forumbit template was changed to work as a sidebar list. If you want to change it you have to replace the custom forumbit templates, maybe by copying the code from Flatty. You’d also have to edit the index template so the forum list doesn’t appear on the side, in this case you can also copy the index template from Flatty.”

Flatty theme:

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