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Why Buy Backlinks?

Backlinks are when other websites link to your website. Google and other search engines view backlinks as "votes" for your website. Each backlink or "vote" tells search engines that your website is important. Websites with a large number of backlinks tend to rank better in search results. Bitoony SEO offers link building services to help you rank higher in search results. See our affordable packages below.

How it Works

Order a Package

Select one of our SEO link building service packages and provide your website url and target keywords (search terms you want to rank for).

We Get To Work

We gradually build backlinks to your website for 2-3 weeks. This is done so the backlinks appear natural and mimic organic backlinks.

Delivery Day

Once all the backlinks have been created, we will send a structured list of the backlinks to the email address you provided on checkout.

SEO Link Building Service Packages



An essentials package that provides a large quantity of backlinks from various web page types. This service also includes a premium indexing service.

  • 2 Written Articles
  • Premium & Fast Indexing
Tier 1
  • 10 High DA Postings
  • 10 Article Submissions
  • 25 Profile Submissions
  • 25 Social Bookmarks
Tier 2
  • 400 Wiki Submissions
  • 200 Social Bookmarks
Tier 3
  • 3000 Blog Comments


Most Popular

Extensive package with more written articles and higher optimization. Includes more submissions as well as adds video and directory submissions.

  • 4 Written Articles
  • High Article Quality
  • Premium & Fast Indexing
Tier 1
  • 10 High DA Postings
  • 10 Article Submissions
  • 50 Profile Submissions
  • 40 Social Bookmarks
  • 5 Video Submissions
Tier 2
  • 600 Wiki Submissions
  • 300 Social Bookmarks
  • 200 Directory Submissions
Tier 3
  • 3000 Blog Comments


Best Results

Our most extensive backlinks package that includes more article and high DA postings, EDU and GOV links, T1 Wiki submissions, social signals, and more.

  • 6 Written Articles
  • High Article Quality
  • Premium & Fast Indexing
Tier 1
  • 20 High DA Postings
  • 15 Article Submissions
  • 100 Profile Submissions
  • 70 Social Bookmarks
  • Signals from Social Networks
  • 5 Video Submissions
  • 10 T1 Wiki Submissions
  • EDU and GOV Links
Tier 2
  • 1000 Wiki Submissions
  • 500 Social Bookmarks
  • 400 Directory Submissions
  • 200 Dofollow Blog Comments
  • 400 Forum Profiles
Tier 3
  • 3000 Blog Comments


Can I change my keywords and URL?

If you just made a purchase and noticed you've made a mistake in your order details, please contact us ASAP so we can make the change before processing your order.

How long does it take to deliver my order?

We typically spend 2-3 weeks working on fulfilling your order. We use a method called drip-feeding where we gradually build your backlinks over several weeks. We do this so the backlinks appear natural to web crawlers and mimic organic backlinks. Once all the backlinks are created, we will contact the email address you provided with a structured list of all the backlinks.

What is the average DA of the backlinks?

The average DA of our backlinks is 30, with some domains having between 60 and 80 DA.

Do you auto-renew?

NO. We do NOT auto-renew your orders. All your orders are one-off payments, and you will NOT be charged again.

Client Results


Our client climbed to the top and outranked his competitors, who had higher page and domain authority.
(The domain is hidden for our clients' privacy)


Another client who climbed to the top of search results and outranked higher-authority competitors.
(The domain is hidden for our clients' privacy)

What our clients say

Here's what clients think about our SEO link building service

Arianne L'Hiver

Loving these guys. Bought links for 3 of my clients, provided them with the report and they're happy. I have another client that I bought links for from Bitoony SEO about 4 months ago and that client shared with me his Search Console stats and I'm thrilled for him and the traffic jump he's getting.

Reviewed on Facebook
Jim Delacruz

I joined a tech start up in Tel Aviv and we've started organic marketing. Our goal right now is to get our tech blog posts appearing on the first pages of Google. Thanks to Bitoony SEO we've gotten several of our posts on the first page. We bought our first package with them in July and we continue to purchase packages with them as we continue to post new content on our site. My team and I are very happy with their work thus far.

Reviewed on Trustpilot
Vedette Gendron

Been to a few of these kind of services and one thing I like about Bitoony SEO is the live chat doesnt try to convince you to buy anything or try to hype up their most expensive service. Even if you decide to buy their cheapest service (which is what I did) they're total professionals and they're just there to do top-notch work.

Reviewed on Facebook
Shaun Rice

Hip Hop based impact group looking to impact the youth through music. If you know anything about east coast hip hop, rap music is incredibly popular in New York. We needed to get our website on the top page of Google's local results here in NY. Bitoony SEO did just that and more. They're excellent at communication and my team and I aren't experts at marketing but we were very impressed with the work delivered to us.

Reviewed on Trustpilot
Heloise Lesage

Just received my first report everything is laid out clearly and checked the DA score of the main backlinks, 2 of them were 80+ DA and a ton were 40-60DA. Very nice stuff, will use again in a few months for more results.

Reviewed on Facebook

Our Goals for You

What we look to achieve with our SEO link building service

example of seo website growth

Build backlinks for you

Websites that link back to yours are known as backlinks. Having a variety of backlinks is like giving Google and other search engine site crawlers a virtual vote of confidence. It signals to search engines the significance of your website. The authority, trust, and rating metrics of your website are improved through backlinks. Additionally, it tells web crawlers that your site potentially deserves a higher ranking.

example of seo website growth

Increase your authority score

Your notability or authority on the internet can be built with backlinks. We look to achieve that for you. A metric to measure your website’s authority exists. It’s called Domain Authority (DA) and websites with higher DA have been proven, time and again, to rank higher in search engine results than those with lower DA scores.

example of seo website growth

Move up search engine rankings

Your website will receive more organic visitors if it ranks higher on Google. More traffic translates to more potential clients for your business. When your website is highly ranked on Google, people will start finding it naturally when they search for relevant keywords or search terms, this eventually makes web marketing free and requiring much less work.

example of seo website growth

Increase your site traffic

Website traffic is important for many reasons. The more people see your site, the more potential customers you will have. The number of visitors to your website becomes the number of opportunities your business has at getting impressions, ad clicks, generating leads, sales, and brand awareness.

Have some questions?

Do you have questions about our SEO link building service? You can reach us by email.

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